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last modification : 2019. június 26.

On 30th of May students of the Sárospatak Campus of University Esterházy took part 8th time in the International Festival organised by the State College of Krosno. At the Festival the invited higher institutions present their culture with musical or dance performances and since quite recently also with acrobatic or theatrical performances.

Our Campus was represented by Judit Barbara Andrássy (Kindergarten Teacher BA, 2nd year), Gabriella Géresi (Kindergarten Teacher BA, 2nd year), Elizabet Kocsis (Primary School Educator, 1st year), and István Váradi (Primary School Educator, 2nd year) students.

The Sárospatak Campus belongs to the earliest partners of the College, presently celebrating its 20th anniversary. As a result, on behalf of the Campus, director Dr Judit Kelemen received the honourable title of „International Partner of Excellence". The director was also invited to take part in the senate session among other representatives of guest universities. To honour the present vice president of Poland, shortened versions of the performances were shown again, including the modern dance production of Elizabet Kocsis.

During the Festival the audience could enjoy the show of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, American, Chinese, Irish, Scottish and Armenian participants.

News: SCC Directorate
Photo: István Stark


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