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Commemoration of Poetry Day in our Campus

last modification : 2019. május 15.

In this year, the 114th birthday of Attila József was celebrated. His birthday has been remembered for 55 years as Hungarian Poetry Day too.

For the Poetry Day, first-year Pre-School Teaching Students, second-year Primary School Teacher and Pre-School Teaching Students presented their programme. The poetry reading was held 16th April, and was based on the students' own choice. As a result, Attila József, Sándor Petőfi, Endre Ady, and Sándor Weöres were quoted. Dr Judit Kelemen, Dr Kornélia Toma, Zsuzsanna Novákovits, and Dr Nikoletta Kökényesi also told their favourites.

Preparation, PPT-illustration and news: Nikoletta Kökényesi
Photo: Gábor Sasi


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