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Many visitors and good atmosphere on the Open Day

last modification : 2019. május 08.

There was another Open Day at Sárospatak Comenius Campus, 24th January. The event unconventionally was organised by the Campus’ Student Union (CC HÖK).

Inquirers were greeted by dr Kornélia Toma Head of Institute. Szilárd Bartók, Chief of the Campus Student Union, showed the range of educational offer available at the University. He also talked about the scholarship-system and hostel possibilities. Other students were speaking about their different majors. After the presentations, students awaited interested people with brochures, gave university presents and offered tea while talking about campus-life. Members of the study office helped people with technical and other information, while teachers answered personally raised questions. Buildings of the campus were also visited by the guests.

News: Dr Kornélia Toma
Photo: Gábor Sasi


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