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Researchers’ Night

last modification : 2018. október 10.

The Researchers’ Night annual programme series has been organised since 2006 always on the last Friday of September. In this year, it has become a two-day-programme in the Higher Educational Institutions, who organised interesting scientific programmes for the enquirers.

At our Campus, the programmes started early afternoon. Those of popularising natural sciences, were visited by primary school pupils in a great number. The 'freezing' experiments of Dr György Nagy attracted a full house audience. In addition, decoding in the library, scientific panic room, and the 'exhibition' of blind touching, smelling, and tasting caused fun and joy for the visitors. The event was closed by watching a film, and star-gazing at the Main Square. The work of Dr György Nagy associate professor was helped by students of the Science Specialisation.

Photo: Gábor Sasi


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