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last modification : 2019. július 03.

The musical fable of Bremen Town Musicians was shown by Pre-school amd Primary School Teacher students of the Campus in the Great Hall, and in the Institute of Sárospatak EGYMI the 22nd and 23rd of May.

Following the performance, the director and teachers of Sárospatak EGYMI altogether with members of our Campus were talking about the importance of visibility and audibility of tales for disabled children. This was also strengthened by the active audience and their stormy applause. The director also suggested that the occasion should start a tradition. The performance was the final exam of the Game in Pedagogy course, that was previously supported by Dr Judit Kelemen, who trained the songs, and Dr Péter Lenkey-Tóth, who created the imaginative and spectacular set.

The thankful audience inspired the theatre group to perform again in autumn to make the children happy in and around the town and in villages.

News: Varga-Novákovits Zsuzsanna
Photo: Gábor Sasi

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